Quick Response by North Sioux City Fire Prevents Disaster at Crown Bakery

By [email protected] on Wednesday, July 26 2023 05:50pm

North Sioux City, South Dakota July 26 2023 - The North Sioux City Fire Department responded to a call reporting an oven fire at the Crown Bakery located at 1001 River Dr in North Sioux City. The incident occurred just after 5 pm.

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Upon receiving the call, the North Sioux City Fire wasted no time and promptly responded to the scene. The bakery staff had already initiated fire safety protocols, they worked in tandem to control the situation effectively.

Thanks to the prompt and coordinated efforts of the fire department and the bakery staff, the fire was quickly brought under control and extinguished. The situation was contained before it could escalate into a major disaster, preventing further damage to the property and ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity.