Sioux City Police release body cam footage in response to complaints and video posted of arrest

By [email protected] Updated on Saturday, May 01 2021 10:34pm

Sioux City Police released body-worn camera footage from three officers on April 29th after responding to Perkins at 501 Gordon Drive at 2:13 am for reports of an intoxicated female party. The intoxicated female party was asked to leave the restaurant and did so. During that incident, police say that another patron was interjecting themselves into the situation.

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That individual John E Wright Jr, 29 ended up being arrested charged with Interfering, Fail to Obey, and Trespassing. During the arrest another individual, Samantha Lynn shared 5 videos showing parts of the arrest, and her narrative on Facebook but not what led up to the arrest.

The body camera footage released by Sioux City Police today shows the entire incident from start to finish. They say that actions made by officers are being investigated but wanted to get the footage released to give the full scope of the incident.

I have edited all the footage shared showing start to end interaction with John Wright. I will be uploading the other full videos following this one. It's important to remember that anyone can record and share any parts of an incident to make it look how they want it to look. Judgment should be held until all information is provided.